San Diego State University


The Shaking Table will allow the study of the nonstructural building components that are anchored down to the concrete and analyze the reactions caused by the stresses.  The data obtained from the data will be used on future structural courses and research.

The concrete slab is to represent an actual life size example of a concrete floor of a building.

The dynamic simulator can be programmed to simulate an earthquake of the desired magnitude. It has the potential magnitude of 4 kips.

Two hydraulic pumps with the power of 3,000 psi are connected to the dynamic simulator.

The reaction frame is connected to the dynamic simulator. The piston then pushes off the reaction frame into the concrete slab to simulate an earthquake.

The shaking table has a displacement capacity of up to 4 ft.

The quasi-static can replace the dynamic simulator to increase the earthquakes size. It has a potential magnitude of up to 100 kips.