Message from the Chair

Dr. Dongye Zhao

Dr. Dongye Zhao
Professor and Chair
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Why should you consider Civil, Construction or Environmental Engineering as your fields of study? What is so special about these professions?

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering is unique for several reasons. All three degrees programs represent "people-serving" professions. Without them there would not be such magnificent projects as the Great Wall of China, Roman aqueducts, Hoover Dam, Sears Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and our national interstate highway system. Without them, we would not have drinking water or common sanitary amenities we use every day. Without them, our standard of living would would be drastically lower. All three are stable professions that command a good salary. All three have excellent long term prospects for employment. All three will give you a noble, satisfying, long-term career.

Here are the top 10 reasons why our CCEE Department is an excellent choice for you: 

  1. We offer hands-on Engineering education and all our programs are accredited which is valued highly by employers.
  2. We promote and cherish diversity.
  3. We employ our students on sponsored research projects; this way they participate in the creation of new, cutting-edge knowledge.
  4. Excellence in teaching is our strong commitment and everyday practice.
  5. Our Department has a long history of strong links with the local industry.
  6. Our programs are supported by multimillion dollar endowments funded by our benefactors, most of them our own graduates.
  7. Our student organizations (ASCE, AGC, etc.) effectively compete at the national level.
  8. Our Department has successful Study Abroad programs in Poland and Panama.
  9. Our research production is growing in size and prestige involving the National University Transportation Center and the Blue/Gold Area of Excellence.
  10. Our Department promotes an atmosphere of inclusion, tolerance, appreciation of success and respect for all.