The following is a list of forms (and related procedures) that you may need to use as you progress through the graduate program. The forms are in Microsoft word for your convenience to be filled-out online prior to printing.

Change of Status Form: If you are admitted to the graduate program on a conditional basis, you must fill-out the Change of Status form after the conditions are met, get the signature of the Graduate Adviser, and submit it to the SDSU Graduate Division.

Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements: Generally, this petition is used to request an exception of specific requirements stated in the Graduate Bulletin. These may include substitution of core (required) courses, extension of incompletes, excess units taken through Extended Studies' Open University, using prior year's Graduate Bulletin requirements and transfer courses from another university replacing core (required) courses. The Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements must be filled-out and signed by the students and supported by the Graduate Adviser.

Final Comprehensive Departmental Exam: A non-thesis student should submit a hardcopy of the Final Comprehensive Departmental Exam form to the Graduate Adviser. After receiving email or written confirmation of successful completion of the project from the project adviser, the Graduate Adviser signs and sends this form to Graduate Affairs.
CIV E/CON E/ENV E 797 Independent Research form
CIV E/CON E/ENV E 798 Special Study form
Other Forms: The above are forms that you may need to use as you progress through a graduate program. If needed, additional forms are available Graduate Division website.
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