Electronic Forms (E-Forms) are available for students in master's, doctoral, and advanced certificate programs. Online forms will make it easier for students to submit forms and reduce processing time. If you have any questions, please contact your graduate advisor or Graduate Studies at 619-594-5213 or [email protected]. All of the forms you may need can be found on the Graduate Studies site.

The following is a list of forms (and related procedures) that you may need to use as you progress through the graduate program. The forms are in Microsoft word for your convenience to be filled-out online prior to printing.

Change of Status Form:

Some graduate students are admitted to their program on a "conditional" basis. This means that they must meet specific requirements (such as completing particular courses, or earning a particular GPA) before their status is changed to "classified". Classified status is required to move forward through the graduate program. If you were admitted conditionally, please review the conditions and deadline in your WebPortal account, within the Milestones tab.After you have completed the conditions, contact your Graduate Advisor and request that a Change of Status form be sent to Graduate Studies. You can only become classified if your advisor submits this form.

Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements:

This petition is used to change a student's official program of study or request an exception of specific requirements stated in the Graduate Bulletin. These may include substitution of core (required) courses, extension of an incomplete, excess units taken through SDSU Global Campus' Open University, using prior year's Graduate Bulletin requirements and transfer courses from another university replacing core (required) courses. The petition must be supported by the graduate advisor.

Petition for Late Schedule Adjustment:

After the University Schedule Adjustment deadline, students are expected to complete all courses in which they are enrolled. However, for fully documented, serious and compelling reasons, the student may request a Late Schedule Adjustment by obtaining appropriate authorizations. The student must provide a type-written statement describing the request, provide supporting documentation and approval from the instructor(s). The student will need to provide 1 petition for each course, unless withdrawing from the entire semester which the student would need to also complete the Withdrawal Card.

All Late Schedule Adjustment Petitions take 7-10 business days for review. Students will be contacted by email of the decision. Any petitions that are submitted with insufficient documentation or incomplete forms will delay processing beyond 10 business days.

Final Comprehensive Departmental Exam:

Students completing a Final Comprehensive Departmental Exam (Plan B) are required to notify Graduate Studies once the student passes the exam. The Report of Final Exam or Thesis Defense form must be submitted to Graduate Studies by the appropriate deadline. See the current Academic Calendar or the Graduate Bulletin for the exact deadline date.

Some departments require notification of the thesis defense for students completing a thesis (Plan A). Students can contact their graduate advisor to confirm this requirement or view the "Milestones" tab in WebPortal.

If Graduate Studies receives a Report of Final Exam or Thesis Defense form for a student who is not classified, does not have an Official Program on file, and/or is not Advanced to Candidacy, it will be denied and the student will be notified.

Officially, a student may not sit for an exam or begin their thesis without first being Advanced to Candidacy.

This form is submitted online, and must be initiated by your Graduate Advisor. Please contact your Graduate Advisor if you would like to submit this form.